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BM Consulting AS is my own company that I have been working thru as a consultant for the Norwegian oil and gas marked. I started in 2003 and have been working as consultant since then. Before 2003, Aker Stord employed me. Here I started as sheet metalworker in 1991 and have worked my way up to engineering, and from 1998 I have only worked as an Engineer.

I have been working with many different roles as an Engineer.

My Currant role now is “Senior Method & Planning Engineer” on Jotun A Life Extension project.

 Other roles that I have add is:

-         Project Manager / Engineer Lead – (Fuel System for Helicopters)

-         Multidiscipline PDMS Lead Coordinator

-         Project Engineer FEL Study

-         Deputy Engineering Manager

-         Discipline Engineering Lead

-         Package Responsible Engineer (PRE)

-         Package Responsible Discipline (PRD)

-         Fabrication Site Rep.


My main Engineer role have been in the structural discipline. Here I have been working as Structural Discipline Lead, Group Lead and Structural PDMS/E3D Design & Draft.

I have also 15 years’ experience working as PDMS 3D design and 2D draft and as PDMS super user, also been responsible for the Cat’s & Spec’s in PDMS..

In the structural discipline, I have been working with many different task, such as Topside, MSF, Jackets, Caisson, Raisers, Grillage and Sea fasting, Bumpers / guide system, MTO, weld, Job card and weight reports for heavy lift onshore and offshore installation. Have also experience with PDMS Equipment modeling, Cable trey modeling and some Pipe support.

For a completed profile of me, please see my LinkedIn profile:


Please feel free to contact me for any job opportunities on e-mail: bmconsulting@wemail.no ore on my mobile: +47 908 84 525